Through the years we have all found great organizations that help the poor and hungry. But Handspun Hope does so much more! As they state on their website, Handspun Hope is an ecumenical Christian organization eager to partner with like-minded people who want to grow in a deeper understanding of all our call to care for the poor and make a difference in Rwanda. 

This organization sponsors women to work at the Handspun organization farming, spinning, weaving, knitting and crafting to learn a new trade and provide for themselves and their children, not only food and shelter, but also healthcare and counseling. These women are survivors of the genocide that wrecked havoc in Rwanda, killing many husbands and fathers. These widows and their children are looking to work and find ways to sustainably rebuild their villages. Handspun Hope is also building a counseling center to support these women emotionally as well.

Handspun Hope is also innovating in the fiber world with unique bespoke yarn spun from special breeds of sheep and angora rabbits to create specialty merino and angora yarn for all our knitting and crochet projects. If you would rather support them through adding to your yarn stash, that is great too!

I hope you will join me in sponsoring a widow and bringing hope and healing. You can start here.

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