Long Island Yarn and Farm; Yaphank, New York

I found this great family farm at Vogue Knitting Live.   Their booth was just hopping with fiber artist excited to get their hands on this yarn.   You can only get it at shows right now.  They specialize in breeding alpacas and other “fibered friends” as they like to say.   It was also fun to get a branded wine glass with my 6-pack of yarn!  How did they know me so well, we had just met?  I’m thinking this might make for a great field trip to visit all those “fibered friends”!   If you want to join me, give me a shout!

To visit and shop at their farm, you just need to call Tabbethia Haubold-Magee to make an appointment.  Or go to their website and shop online.

Here is a post where I shared my Gingerbread Wrap knitting patter using their wonderful farm yarns!